How to Become a Professional Architectural Photographer and Find Valuable Markets For Your Work

How to Become a Professional Architectural Photographer and Find Valuable Markets For Your Work


Architectural Photography is both a creative and potentially profitable area of professional photography.

Surprisingly, when amateurs seek to turn professional, often they ask the wrong questions about how to go about it. The questions they ask, more often or not, are technical ones to do with the making of the images. In the old days (before digital) such questions   architectural marketing tips     were frequently about what kinds of films should be used, whether to use specialised shift lenses and what kind of lighting techniques should be used in interiors. Today, in the digital era, amateur photographers are more likely to ask questions about how images should be processed on the computer.

The perspective correction tool in Photoshop may take care of some of the more straightforward issues of controlling those often unwanted converging verticals, but an obsession with such technicalities can blind the budding professional to the toughest issues facing a professional architectural photographer today, namely markets. Determining who your target customer base will have a major effect on both the kind of photographs you want to take and how much you are likely to be able to earn.

Today the whole architectural scene is very tough because of what has happened around the world with property markets. While I’m still working with clients with whom I have a long term relationship, even I’ve found that a lot of the random little commissions that paid for a frivolous bit of camera equipment or a shooting trip have dried up almost completely. For this reason, both established and new professionals need to keep their market focus as a primary area of concern.

The markets listed below are just as start point, and as I’ll tell you later, you will need to be as creative about how you construct your business model as you are about how you make your pictures if you hope to succeed as a professional architectural photographer in the tough markets of 2010.

Very often, an amateur begins architectural photography by focusing on the exteriors of iconic public buildings. It can be a little disillusioning to discover that only a few architectural photographers can earn a living taking photographs of this type. In general while having photographs of these subjects can liven up and make a new portfolio look great these images are hard to take professionally because there is so much competition to make images of that kind.

The reality of a successful business in architectural photography is to know who your customers are and to provide what they want. There are many sub-markets which have radically different needs, here are a few of the main ones.

  1. The art market

If you really can’t stop taking those pictures of iconic buildings (who can!) then one place you may find a market for them is in art galleries or via art consultants. This is probably your best bet if you want to produce images that are not performing an explicit commercial function.

  1. Property developers and real estate agents.

I’ve put these two together but they encompass a wide variety of possible customers and uses. Your average local real estate agent will use a lot of architectural and interiors photography but in general they will shoot it very cheaply and its far from easy to make a living today shooting work of this kind. At the other end of the scale a developer of a $20 million dollar building will want great final photos of the construction. Surprisingly even these customers may pay quite poorly and be price sensitive on occasion, but find the right way to sell to them and there is the possibility of earning a good income from this work.


An Introduction to Cloud Servers and Their Benefits – Part 1: Definitions  

An Introduction to Cloud Servers and Their Benefits – Part 1: Definitions  

The concept of cloud computing appears omnipresent in our modern world as we rely on on-demand computing to manage our digital lives across multiple devices – mobiles, tablets, laptops – whilst at home, in the office or on the move. This trio of articles introduces the key component in cloud computing, the servers that underpin each   Email Cloud    service and provide the computing resource, as well as describing how they provide some of cloud computing’s most notable benefits.


Cloud Servers: As mentioned above, can be defined as the servers that are used to provide computing resource for cloud computing. In essence they are servers which are networked together to provide a single pool of computing power which cloud based services can draw resource from.

Cloud Computing: Describes any computing service whereby computing power is provided as a on-demand service via a public network – usually the internet. Broadly cloud services can be categorised using the three following models:

IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service:

Pooled physical cloud server and networking resource (without any software platforms). Instead of the user being provided with a single distinct physical server, multiples thereof or shares therein, they are provided with the equivalent resources – disk space, RAM, processing power, bandwidth – drawn from the underlying collective cloud servers. These IaaS platforms can then be configured and used to install the software, frameworks, firmware etc (e.g., solution stacks) needed to provide IT services and build software applications.


PaaS – Platform as a Service:

Virtualised software platforms using pooled cloud servers and network resource. These services offer the collective physical resources of IaaS together with the above-mentioned software bundles so that the user has a preconfigured platform on which they can build their IT applications.


SaaS – Software as a Service:

Cloud based applications provided using pooled computing resource. This is the most familiar incarnation of cloud computing for most members of the public as it includes any application – such as web based email, cloud storage, online gaming – provided as a service. The applications are built and run in the cloud with end users accessing them via the internet, often without any software downloads necessary.

How Cloud Servers Work

Traditional computing infrastructure models tend to revolve around the idea of single server being used for a particular IT function (e.g., hosting, software applications etc), whether it be that that server is a dedicated server – i.e., for the sole use of that client – or shared across multiple clients. Shared servers may have used the one software/platform installation for all of their IT functions/clients or they may have delivered Virtual Private Servers (VPS) where each client has distinct operating environment which they can configure.

Cloud computing can deliver similar virtualised server environments but they use resource drawn from not one, but a multitude of individual physical cloud servers which are networked together to provide combined pool of server resource. In a sense, it uses a platform that could be considered as a form of clustered hosting whereby the resource demands of an individual client’s IT functions are spread across numerous distinct servers. However, with cloud hosting the resource pool has enough capacity, with sufficient servers, to provide resource which multiple clients can tap into as they need to.


Long Island Home Inspection Will Let You Have a Good Deal  

Long Island Home Inspection Will Let You Have a Good Deal  

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments of your life and thus, you surely would not like to go for anything that is unsatisfactory or unplanned. But unfortunately, many a time, due to lack of information or an impulsive decision, we often miss out on the very essential prerequisite of getting our home thoroughly inspected by a    Home Inspection Long Island NY   reliable and registered set of home inspectors. However, this sort of negligence can actually be the reason for getting a dreadful home deal. Hence, whenever you are on a mission of buying a new home for yourself, make sure to get the assistance of a Long Island home inspection firm, that will guide you thoroughly about the present condition of the home, you wish to buy.

Home inspection is a procedure of acquiring detailed information about the condition of the house, that you may be considering to buy. Long Island home inspection, offers an accurate analysis of the physical status, as well as, the status of interior components of your preferred residential building. Everything from the heating system, plumbing system, electrical system, to the arrangement of proper windows, doors, walls and ceiling, will be sincerely checked and verified by the qualified and well trained professionals of Long Island home inspection company. One thing that you must keep in mind is, that home inspection is not a mandatory task to be followed only by those people who are willing to buy a new house, in fact, it is equally important for individuals wishing to sell out their home due to relocation and other such reasons.

It is often noticed that people do not entertain the major necessity of proper home inspection before purchasing any new property, as they consider it as an added burden of expense. However, they fail to speculate the huge financial loss, that they may have to bear in case of an unplanned purchase. Hence, as we all know, that prevention is better than cure, you must opt for a good home inspection before investing your hard earned money into any property. Moreover, by adopting this task, you can also have the opportunity of estimating the correct value of the property and can save yourself from getting duped by the other party. Therefore, if you are also planning to buy or sell a property, then do not take a step further, before getting your property certified by the experts of a Long Island home inspection company.

However, there are few clauses that you must fulfill, before taking the assistance of any home inspection company. First of all, get assured that your selected home inspector is certified by the American Society of Home Inspectors. Secondly, always demand for a well categorized printed report, that clearly talks about the condition of all major components of the house. You can also ask for the photographs of the items that are in bad shape and need to be repaired and replaced. Thankfully, a Long Island home inspection company, carries out all these elementary measures and lets you have a clear estimation about the life of the systems, equipments, and major components of the house. In order to get more information about the complete procedure of home inspection, you can easily take the assistance of the internet.


Best Selling Etsy Items

Best Selling Etsy Items



With around 4 million items currently for sale on Etsy, finding the best selling items can be a bit of a challenge. Over 250,000 shops Etsy shop statistics here sell handmade, vintage and supply items that lovers of these types of products eagerly buy each day. Etsy has become one of the top places to go for unique, hand crafted or vintage items on the web.

The top selling shops on Etsy sell mostly small items that are under $50. This could be because customers have been cutting back on spending over the past few years, and also because more and more people are buying supplies from sites like this in order to make their own crafts at home. Some of the top selling shops that make hundreds of thousands of sales are shops that sell jewelry making supplies like beads, stones, pendants and posts.

More and more, Etsy is becoming the place to go for crafting supplies. Jewelry findings, textiles, paper products, patterns, tools and more make up the Supplies section of the site. Customers use these supplies to craft projects like knitting, scrapbooking, making home décor, and making jewelry. With prices for supplies ranging from a few cents to less than $50, these products remain big sellers.

Another top selling item is bath products. Handcrafted soaps, lotions, body sprays and other toiletries are big sellers on Etsy as people move towards wanting unique, personalized and organic products. Most of the soaps and other bath products sold on Etsy are made in small batches to guarantee quality and personalization.

Artwork such as paintings, cards, stationery illustrations and prints also sell well. These items could be priced at a higher price point that the $50 and under mark that seems to do so well, but customers are willing to make for unique art pieces that they can’t get anywhere else. Some shops that sell illustrations and prints will do custom orders as well, increasing the likelihood that a customer looking for something original and handmade will buy, because the piece will be made specifically for them.

Etsy is also a marketplace for vintage sellers. Vintage items that sell particularly well include collectibles, vintage jewelry and vintage art prints. Some vintage shops that do well also make products out of vintage and found items, combining vintage and handcrafted to appeal to a broader audience.

While it doesn’t display it’s best sellers or top selling items, the home page is where customers can find Etsy Handpicked Items. The handpicked items come from lists compiled by members and sometimes include hot items on Etsy, or hidden gems that customers may not find on their own. Using the home page, blogs and search field are good ways to find top items and items that are popular at any given time. There is also a Trending Tags sidebar on the homepage that will show you what search terms are popping up as the most search or most desired product types each day.



Web Hosting – Windows Or Linux?   

Web Hosting – Windows Or Linux?


While choosing Web Hosting for a website, one of the first questions that need to be answered is the choice of operating system of Hosting Windows the server. While there are lots of operating systems, for web server there are 2 dominant operating systems – Windows and Linux. These two web hosting operating systems are most popular and widespread. Almost all web site hosting companies gives option for these 2 operating systems.

Each of these platforms is good and has its share of advantages and disadvantages. Linux is an open source platform while Windows is not. Each has its share of fan base and an equally strong number of dissidents.

The choice between these two platforms needs to be taken by evaluating your needs and not your sentiments. Here are some points you need to consider before making a decision regarding Web Hosting platform.

1) On what platform is your web application developed on: This is one of the primary questions. If your web application/site is has been developed in.Net or other Microsoft technology then it will mean that you will need to have a windows web hosting. While some technologies can run on both operating systems, sometime the platform of the application will bound you to choose the same platform for web hosting. Many websites use database. If you are using MS SQL Server then also windows server is essential.

So this decision has to be made even before the application has been written, otherwise migration a site can be a big big headache!

2) Security: An e-commerce website needs to be absolutely secure. In fact any application which stores information and crucial personal or financial details needs to be well protected. Linux is perceived to be more secure than windows web hosting. Windows have many well known security vulnerabilities (though fixed promptly) which are exploited regularly by hackers and viruses. But it has been observed that a server is only as secure as how well the administrator is. A Windows server is secure in the hands of a proactive and knowledgeable administrator.

3) Cost: Linux servers are cheaper than windows server because is Linux is free. Even though Linux is cheaper it doesn’t mean that it is any less than a windows server. Windows on the other hand has to be paid for. This means additional costs. The price difference for an end user website owner though is not very significant. The slight difference in the cost doesn’t tilt the balance in Linux’s favor by a big margin.

4) Learning Curve: Linux operating system has a steep learning curve. For a person who works on a desktop operating system, learning Linux can be an absolute nightmare. But if you choose a Linux web hosting then you need not worry about it. This is because there will be web based applications that will allow you to interface with the server seamlessly. You will be able to do almost jobs like FTP, database administration etc. using these application.

As you may have observed, there are no clear winners in this eternal battle between two mighty foes. The only key differentiator is the platform of the application. Other than that your personal preference will drive your selection.



A Look at Casino Slot Machines  

A Look at Casino Slot Machines  

Casino slot machines easily account for nearly 70% of yearly casino income. Beginning and expert gamblers alike enjoy the fun and excitement of pulling the lever at a casino slot machine. Casino slot machines require no special skills, nor are there any   pgslot     strategies for winning. Winning at a casino slot machine depends entirely upon luck. We have all heard stories of people striking it rich after depositing only a few coins. Those of us who have played casino slot machines also know how easy it is to keep feeding the machine because playing is so much fun.

You can play casino slot machines at various casinos across the country. For those in the Southeastern United States, Tunica, MS is a grand hotspot for casino slot machines. Every year, thousands of people from surrounding, non-gambling states pile onto charter buses to spend a night or weekend gambling their time away. Casino slot machines are one of the primary attractions. Other gamblers will agree that Las Vegas casinos are the best place to play slot machines. You will certainly find no shortage of casino slot machines in Vegas.

Casino slot machines were first thought to be a very effective means of occupying the bored wives of the high-rolling gamblers of Vegas. The first casino owners who came up with this brilliant plan certainly had no real idea of what was in store for casino slot machines. Little did they know that those menial machines would eventually account for millions of dollars in revenue each year. Slot machines are now a big business and appeal to people from all walks of life. Young people who are experiencing their first time in a casino to the seasoned gambler, everyone is certain to find a casino slot machine that is invigorating.