5 Things to Be Aware of When Booking a Magician For Your Wedding

Recruiting a performer for your wedding can be an overwhelming assignment since this is, all things considered, probably the greatest days of your life and getting everything right can be somewhat overpowering. Likewise, with yourselves being the focal point of consideration, your psyches won’t generally be on the overall government assistance of your visitors, particularly during the photographs where you will probably be involved for two or three hours.

This is the place a performer can step in to add that additional measurement to your visitors wedding experience and give you genuine feelings of serenity realizing that they are in acceptable hands.

In any case, how would you approach finding the correct performer for your unique day? The exact opposite thing you need is a scruffy novice with no character demonstrating a couple of stunts your grandad once educated you!

I’ve arranged five things you should consider when considering employing a performer for your huge day. Following every one of these focuses you can be guaranteed of getting the performer your visitors merit!

1) Different sorts of performer

You have to initially choose the sort of performer you need and when you wish him/her to perform. Coming up next is a rundown of interesting points.


Choose if you need only the kids engaged or grown-ups or perhaps a blend of both. Most wedding performers work essentially on engaging your grown-up visitors yet would even now be glad to show the youngsters a bit of something.

Enchantment/Mind Reading

Choose if you need simply visual enchantment stunts (cards/coins/ropes) or brain perusing. Most entertainers do a touch of both however a psyche peruser is a very master territory which is getting exceptionally mainstream. So think, do you need Derren Brown (mind peruser) or David Blaine (performer)?

Blending/close up

A type of close-up enchantment performed while individuals are remaining in gatherings, whereby the entertainer blends with the group performing to little gatherings one after another. This functions admirably for the beverages gathering and night diversion.

Table bouncing

A type of close-up enchantment performed while individuals are sitting at tables during the wedding breakfast, whereby the entertainer engages a table at once, between courses.

Supper club

A performer who performs in front of an audience to a group of people. This can function admirably during the night gathering as a touch of light alleviation for everybody.

2) Price

It’s presumable you have a severe financial plan at your wedding so the cost for employing an entertainer is clearly a key factor. It would be stupid, in any case, to just go with the least expensive performer you can discover. There is no expert administrative body for performers so basically anybody can become familiar with a couple of stunts and consider themselves a wedding entertainer. On the off chance that you need quality, hope to pay in the locale of £300 – £500 for two hours of close-up enchantment. A store in the scope of 20% in advance with the equalization on the day is typical.

3) Quality

You can’t check a performer’s nature of diversion essentially by the value he sets. Similarly DO NOT pass judgment on an entertainer by how showy his/her site is. Anybody can pay a website specialist enough cash to make an incredible looking webpage, however that doesn’t mean the performer is a decent performer. Additionally, don’t be attracted by lines, for example, “The UK’s top magicien“, as this is probably going to have been composed by the entertainer themselves. The accompanying focuses ought to be truly thought about when investigating a site.


Tributes are indispensably significant so have a careful perused of what past customers have said. Keep in mind, no entertainer will at any point put anything other than great remarks on his/her site so give specific consideration to the manner by which a tribute has been composed, ie on the off chance that all the remarks state “He was incredible”, or “Splendid enchantment” at that point be attentive. In any case, more nitty gritty tributes which truly show that the wedding couple were completely overwhelmed and had their day given that additional extraordinary touch is the thing that you are searching for. Additionally, don’t be bashful to request a telephone number of anybody on the tributes page in the event that you need to be 100% they are authentic. An entertainer ought to have the option to give this.

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