Characteristics of the Best Electronic Muscle Stimulators

Characteristics of the Best Electronic Muscle Stimulators


The fitness craze has a firm grasp on the people of the world. It seems like everyone is jumping on the wagon and trying to get into shape. DVD workouts, gym memberships, fitness gurus, and personal trainers make up a significant part of the economy  of the fitness industry. Why is it then that so many people are still out of shape? There are many reasons, but the biggest reason is discipline and time. Most people have neither the time nor the discipline to exercise properly. One effective method of exercise for these people to consider is electronic muscle stimulators.

Even the best electronic muscle stimulators will not do anything for you if you don’t use it. It requires a bit of disciplined use for them to be effective. If used properly you can multi-task while exercising. The best electronic muscle stimulators will have power adjustments available so you can tailor your electronic workout specifically to your needs. If you want to type while working your pectorals, you want to keep the power level low so you don’t type like your having a seizure.

Some EMS (electronic muscle stimulators) units can cause irritation due to the material used. The best electronic muscle stimulators will have material that can be removed to wash or to replace when worn. Make sure you choose one that allows you the ability to do this.

Varied application should be considered as well. Some units are only able to be used on a specific muscle region. The best electronic muscle stimulators will have solutions available to tone different muscle regions. Beware the unit that says it can do them all. It just doesn’t work that way. The electrode connections must be placed in the proper position in order for the muscle to be activated effectively. The best electronic muscle stimulators are not designed to be an ‘all-in-one’ system. The power unit may be interchangeable, but the application devices will be different.

Look for a unit or system that offers replacement parts, like electrodes, gel pads and etc. The simple fact of the matter is that EMS’s, if used often, will wear down just like anything else we use. Make sure that you are able to purchase the consumables of the system to replace them when they do wear out.

Another thing to consider is safety. Make sure that you are not going to place yourself or your loved ones at risk by using an EMS. A well documented and easy to understand manual is a must. Make sure you read and follow all of the directions that come with your system to ensure an effective and (more importantly) safe workout.

Like any other program, be sure to consult with your physician before using an electronic muscle stimulator workout. There are people with certain health and medical conditions that should not, under any circumstances, use any electronic muscle stimulator. An obvious example is people who have pace makers. The EMS could be life threatening to these and other people.



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