Free Lightroom Presets

Free Lightroom Presets

If you’re a fan of PHLEARN (we’re a fan of you!), you’re going to love our Lightroom Presets. Designed by creative minds and professional image makers, our exclusive looks are made to give your photos a unique feel in just a few clicks. Try this sample 10 pack for free!

Great for Portraits & Landscapes

Our presets are as versatile as they are easy to use! Give a portrait a soft and friendly feel. Add a touch of springtime to a landscape. No matter what kind of pictures you take, our presets can help your photos shine!

Lightroom Preset Library

This is just a taste of our ever-expanding library of custom-made Lightroom Presets! Looking for a more dramatic vibe? Try our Film Noir Pack. Something more subdued and artistic? Check out our stunning Black & White presets. We’ve got a little something for everyone.

Lightroom Presets by SLR Lounge

SLR Lounge creates two sets of Lightroom Presets: 1) The Visual Flow Lightroom Presets (recommended) and 2) The SLR Lounge Lightroom Presets. The Visual Flow system is the latest system, created in partnership with DVLOP. See the difference below in the videos.

Visual Flow Presets

Visual Flow Development Tools is a new preset company created in partnership with DVLOP that utilizes a new patent-pending system called Lighting Condition Based Development or LCBD.  In. the system, simply click the correct lighting condition and tweak exposure to get to a final look.  The full system includes:

  • 10 LCBD One-Click Presets within Each Preset Pack
  • Access to Lightroom FB Community
  • 47 Retouching Brushes and 26 Development Tools within the Retouching Toolkit

See the video below for more info.


Download Free Lightroom Presets for Mobile DNG

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