Learn in 10 Minutes About Old Stores and Workshops in Rome!  

Learn in 10 Minutes About Old Stores and Workshops in Rome!  

Just as wrinkles trace the past and present story of a person, in a city like Rome through its old stores and ancient alleyways, you get the true feeling of its history and charm. Go through the shelves of an old delicatessen in search of ingredients that make the     team building singapore,   typical cuisine of the locals. These old shops lead us to observe details and pick-up perfumes and aromas unmatched anywhere else.

Fortunately old stores and curiosities still exist in Italy. Many can be found not only in little villages but also in big cities – in certain areas. Rome is very well equipped.

Would you like to visit a very typical suburb of Rome? Visit San Lorenzo! The stone work and marble and statues of all shapes and sizes are to be found there. Not to speak of the very characteristic name signs for old time mechanics. Very Roman in their attitude.

Have you not had the opportunity to use your credit cards? Via de’ Coronari, near Piazza Navona and the Pantheon is the place to go to. See antiques, jewels, prints, carpets and anything else you may wish to give free vent to your fancy.

Window shopping is also enjoyable (considering the prices – one needs to be aware of real costs) since the varieties of objects one can buy are innumerable, from the most outrageous prices to the merely expensive. Remember – all that glitters is not gold!

All the collectibles in the world, mostly ancient and expensive, can be found in Via de’ Coronari, not far from Campo de’ Fiori or largo Argentina and specifically at No 198, where Il Collezionista is located and caters for all your wishes.

Travelling with children? Get your child’s haircut done in Via Metastasio No 17 where a barber called Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs will gladly entertain your children on a rocking horse or miniature car instead of the same old chair. Your children will want to come back!

Martina is a well known lady for her ability to fry fish and stuffed zucchini flowers in the real Roman way. How do you get there? It’s half way down Via de’ Giubbonari. It’s called Filettaro, which comes from fillets of fish.


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