Life Lessons to Teach a Young Adult

My respect of older people came from what my parents showed me. My respect for my teachers and seniors in the communities (work, school, places), is what I have learned in the Ten Commandments as to respecting the parents and/or elders. Obedience goes with this. Yet it doesn’t mean being 성인용품 gullible, because sometimes you have to speak kindly some points you want to share to older people. If they know you have given something for a good cause, the elders will believe you.

Take care of your old parents and the children. Be a true friend.

Care for the sick and those who are in need. These are from the Holy Bible which everyone can easily do.

Value your work and be aware that self-fulfillment is loving your work and sharing the fruits of it to your families and communities. Work is also serving others in any field where you earned honors, unique abilities, and experience.

“Pass forward.” This is a movie title, and applies true in observing charity and passing on good deeds. When you get something good, share it wisely and with love to others.

Don’t indulge into gossiping about other people, even those who have wronged you, but get a support group. God will teach how. Power from heaven work miracles, human understanding cannot explain.

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