Private Student Loans with Bad Credit – Chase – Sallie May – Citigroup

Private student Loans is another alternative that comes into force rescuing students who have a bad credit history. I have heard of many cases where students apply for loans as a supplement with their Stafford or Perkins loans. In other cases, I have seen people applying for student loans with private organizations when their Stafford loan amount comes to an end.

There are many financial institutions that offer private student loans with installment loans for bad credit. The only fuss in the deal is the requirements of the financial institutions. Most entities that I know of providing this service would require a Co-borrower or a Co-Signer. This means as a student you and your parents would need to sign on the loan agreement agreeing to repay the loan.

In certain cases where you have repaid some installments of a previous student loan independently, you would be given the authority of branching away the Co-borrower. This is known as Co-Borrower Release and by doing so, you ensure that the loan repayment is entirely yours. This also puts you in a position where you are not hit by the Credit History of your Co-Borrower. Both of you are separate entities speaking from the loan perspective and you would hence need to take charge of repaying your loan off.


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