Raising a Dyslexic Child

As I discussed in my previous article, once Peter was on his medication, he became a completely different student. The doctor started him on Ritalin and he was later switched to Adderall which appeared to accept as true with him better. The sole side effects we noticed with Peter, was little lack of appetite within the beginning, although he was never an enormous eater to start with. After about 2 years therein small East Texas town, our situation changed and that we moved back to the Houston area and Peter visited school where my mother in law was a counselor for the 5th and 6th grade. He was thriving during this environment, making A’s and B’s and just enjoying life. That was short lived; however, once Peter hit Puberty (around 12-13 I guess) his attitude towards everything and everybody did an entire 180.

My wife and that i had been doing fine financially over the previous 3 years, and right after the beginning of 7th grade, we were ready to move out of our apartment and buy our first house, which, unfortunately meant having to maneuver to a replacement administrative district, where Peter wasn’t conversant in the opposite kids his age. Peter had always been a really easily influenced child, and shortly he was beginning to wear the “gothic” clothes and his behavior also as his school work began spiraling downwards. We tried getting him involved in class activities, and he was in band for many of the 7th and a part of the 8th grade, but he soon grew disinterested therein, he was becoming more rebellious reception, both with my husband and myself and just didn’t seem to possess any interest in doing anything. Once he began 9th grade, (start of high school), we made it clear to him that the trail he was on, wasn’t getting to continue, that if continued to form the bad grades and not try, we were getting to be forced to put him during a different environment (we checked out military school, but that wasn’t a sensible option thanks to the finance portion of it), probably involving his occupation together with his grandparents. Well, both out of defiance or disbelief, Peter aroused the primary semester failing most of his classes, even as we had warned at the beginning of the varsity year, we moved Peter to his grandparents and he started school in January at a replacement school.

Peter was a touch shocked at this and while his attitude over the varsity and his grandparents was fine, he was, hostile towards me and my wife over this alteration. My wife had to sign a part of her rights over to her mother so as for Peter to travel to high school during this new district and that we soon, after about 2 months were ready to locate a house within the new administrative district and move. Peter continued to travel to my parent’s house after school in order that she could still both tutor and mentor him also as provide additional support. The doctors also switch his medication, this point to Strattera, but that did not work on all, actually it appeared to make him sleepy and had no effect on his span. Peter would spend hours working together with his grandmother on his various homework assignments every day. ┬áHe tried to buy Adderall.

On the other hand when the varsity issued the 6 week progress reports, he was still failing most of his classes. Once we questioned Peter about this, he replied that he just didn’t turn the add. Apparently this was to “get back at us” or to point out us that he controlled things and he would make us buy it. It wasn’t until a few of years later, that i think he realized that the sole person he was hurting/affecting by doing this action was himself, since it wasn’t me or his grandparents that was affected by his bad grades, it had been Peter himself

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