Recruiting Podcasts

Recruiting Podcasts

A podcast is a regularly scheduled audio broadcast, streamed online to a niche audience on a specific topic or subject. There are podcasts on a variety of subjects, from how to breed horses to politics to human resources and recruiting. A podcast is a great  Phoenix Stand Up Comedy  way to get to know a topic – in depth and up to date.

In the world of corporate recruiting, a podcast is perhaps the best way to get to know your field. Whether you are a hiring manager, internal recruiter, or work for a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) company, there are some great recruiting podcasts that you can tune into on a regular basis.

Corporate recruiting is a very detailed and constantly evolving field that can often take a great amount of reading to keep up with. Although there are a variety of recruiting blogs out there that cover all the necessary subjects, the amount of time you need to invest in finding these blogs and reading them can often be a headache. A recruiting podcast, however, will provide you with an easy to listen to source for your HR info needs.

What kind of things should you look for in your recruiting podcast? One of the first keys is to make sure the interviewer / podcast production team is actually a part of the recruiting industry. If you are an HR professional, you want to make sure your stream is being produced by someone that is topic-knowledgeable.

Another key to a good recruiter podcast are interviews with other industry professionals. Recruiting is a wide and diverse field that has a multitude of experts within specific niches. A podcast that can tap into this expert knowledge base through short can truly be an invaluable source of information.


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