Relationships – What Do Your Adult Children Need?

I was recently visiting with another professional in the community who teased me about wanting pro bono services for his staff. I quickly informed him that everyone wants free therapy – except my adult children!

My daughter keeps jokingly threatening to write a book entitled “My life as the child of a psychologist”. It seems that she believes her situation is a 딜도 unique one but, after seeing over 7000 clients, I am convinced that many adult children think their relationships with their parents are unique.

Some parents think that they need to take responsibility for their adult children and, as a result, focus time and energy on trying to get them to make “good” decisions. They lose sleep and worry when their child chooses a partner or career that might, at first glance, seem to be “unsuitable”. They defend or “bail” their son or daughter when trouble surfaces and frequently sacrifice their own needs in order to meet the demands of the son or daughter. Many times, these parents end up raising the next generation when the task seems to default to them. They feel like the future of the whole family depends on them and they therefore invest everything they have into doing things that likely should be done by others.


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