This Is the End of Our World

This Is the End of Our World


The End of Our World.


At whatever point the Daily News reports a significant occasion, disaster or even wild climate our minds ‘fire up’ the very much recounted story of ‘The End of the World’. At the point when we have a string of these ‘Occasions’ happening inside a brief timeframe then we accept unequivocally that something should get going on! We feel a criticalness to

Sun World Group     accomplish something.


Developing Consciousness.


Considering, proposing and demonstrating our comprehension of Our World is not, at this point left to those smart individuals from the past like Plato, Aristotle, Einstein. When a specific ‘cognizance’ saturates the populace, an ‘aggregate postulation and agreement’s unwittingly goes around in our ‘minds’. This ‘mass oblivious acknowledgment’ is the thing that starts to enter our psyches without us understanding it. Numerous instances of how this ‘mass cognizance’s is played out can be seen when of all shapes and sizes inconsequential gatherings get together and choose a typical; conviction, comprehension and result. A case of how a gathering of individuals can be headed to an ‘aggregate acknowledgment’ in their activity and comprehension is through Fear. Hordes with similar thoughts go about as one, swarms alarm as one, and so on, and so forth. This is anyway a negative perspective on this marvel.


Love is Everything we need.


Love is to the Universe, similar to water is to fish. Supported by it, sustained, thought about and ensured. Love starts, gives the motivation to change and is THE main thrust in our Human development. Love is a definitive; vitality, light, measurement, awareness and comprehension. Vitality gets matter. Love is made physical. We see this reflected all over. The ‘Charkra’ or ‘Turning Wheels’ are at the focal point of this transformation. A Portal to You. Love is brought into the Chakra Vortex. It is caught, eased back down, changed over and directed into ‘Streams of Consciousness’. Cognizance is changed over to Sensations. Sensations are changed over into Awareness. Mindfulness is changed over to truth. Truth gets matter. At the point when we think something is genuine, it turns out to be so. Our cognizant and subliminal reasoning makes our existence just on the grounds that we ‘accept’ it is so. For what reason does Religion have such a major influence in this field of comprehension?. It’s the ‘interface’ of our; insight, development, comprehension and advancement. It’s the revelation of our ‘GOD association’.


Electromagnetic Energy.


In my 25 years investigation of Electromagnetic Energy, it has come to change my reasoning, conviction and thus living. For instance in our comprehension of how we are associated with our reality and react to it. Our own ‘Inward Sun’ (Our Hearts) is the impression of the Earth’s ‘Internal Sun’. Not the Sun we can see, yet the Sun inside the Sun on the following measurement. A solitary idea of-God, an ‘Adoration Consciousness Pulse’ from the profound, animates our ‘Internal Sun’ and our own Hearts react momentarily. The ‘Electromagnetic Ripples’ are felt on the Earths Crust. This and numerous different Energies are the ‘concealed extensions’ that interface our comprehension of the Spiritual and the Physical. God and Earth. Paradise and Living. The Old Agreement and The New Eden. That is the reason we ‘all things considered’ dread and revel in the potential outcomes of things to come. We realize something is coming yet we don’t have the foggiest idea what. Pondering our understanding discloses to us the our Old Ways of reasoning and doing are quickly changing and we are largely jumping ‘on board’ for a New Ride.


The End of the Old World.


The Old World of doing things is offering route to a New Order. The New Order will be a steady combination of thoughts as of now in our ‘aggregate cognizance’, in light of the considerable number of things we are dealing with now; opportunity, flourishing, equity, otherworldliness, fellowship and sisterhood, humankind, manageability, recyclability and so on, and so on. The New Order will likewise incorporate things we haven’t thought of yet. Where will they come from?.Who or what will send them?. What’s to come is going on now. Who knows where we will wind up, the significant thing to recall is, we are here for a mind-blowing ride!


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