Using Pop Up Hat Boxes for Shipping Delicate Hats

Using Pop Up Hat Boxes for Shipping Delicate Hats


Shipping goods is now very in demand, especially with the rise of e-commerce. The increasing shipping demand ushered in a unique My Pop Items  challenge for those who are trying to ship more unusual items. For most items, shipping them is rather easy. All you have to do is place them in a high-quality box with additional packaging material and they will be safely shipped from one location to another. However, there are certain items that need more attention. One of the items that need extra care and attention are delicate hats. If you are shipping delicate hats, you need to find packaging methods and materials that will protect them from damage. One of your best options is using pop up hat boxes.

Shipping pop up hats can be extremely challenging. The first thing you need to consider is the value of the hat. In addition, you need to determine the level of protection it needs. For most hats, you will have to use high-quality pop up hat boxes while others need more protection. Knowing the level of protection required will help you decide which packaging materials and supplies are needed.

Tips for Shipping Different Types of Hats

  • Simple Hats – If you are shipping a simple hat, your main goal is to keep its form. Turn the hat upside down and stuff the inner part with crumpled pieces of acid-free tissue paper or newspaper. The stuffing should be wedged enough inside the hat to maintain its shape. You can then place the hat inside one of the pop up hat boxes you have available.
  • Specialized Hats – When shipping specialized hats, more attention should be given when packing it. You can consider buying custom pop up hat boxes, especially if the hat has a unique design and shape. You can also create a box by using a piece of foam. Make sure that the foam is the same size of the pop up box you will be using. When cutting the foam, it should be able to support the top area of the box. In addition, there should be a bump at the center of the foam to hold the hat in place. Test the box by pressing it down. If you can press it down easily, then the foam wall is not enough to protect the hat from getting damaged.

To save time and effort, you can also choose high-quality pop up hat boxes. Find boxes that are made of strong and sturdy materials. A pop up hat box is specifically designed to protect valuable and delicate hats during transit because they are made of sturdy 2-piece chipboard. Some boxes even come with a carrying cord. You can buy this type of boxes from your local packaging supplier. You can also purchase these boxes from



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