Web Marketing: Cookie Conflict

Web Marketing: Cookie Conflict


Over the mid year 2006, a truly cool application was propelled by our companions at Google: Browser Sync. It empowers me to keep up the association of my Firefox Browser bookmarks inside tab envelopes over the entirety of the PCs I use (see my Web 2.0 Quick List blog). It likewise syncronizes my treats and passwords for simple acknowledgment  https://mlodzitejziemi.pl/   and access to the locales I use much of the time. This is a great hierarchical upgrade as it permits me to consummate the utilization of my program from any of my PCs. Be that as it may, from an Internet advertiser’s point of view, it will cause some new issues/openings.




We have a customer that is keen on the Operating System utilized by every guest to their site. Specifically, when a Mac O/S guest shows up, they might want present them with important data about their product and the Mac working framework (OS X). When identified, that data is put away and gotten to by the guest’s treat upon resulting visits. Here’s the rub, if the guest is utilizing Google’s Browser Sync and visits the site from their PC, the recognized O/S will be a non-Mac OS (Windows XP, Linux, and so on.). Does the current O/S data get overwritten? What ought to occur?


We currently need to make rationale rules to administer whether we overwrite, overlook or affix clashing information got to by treats.


It is safe to say that anybody is else managing this issue? Any thoughts? If you don’t mind email your considerations to info@thoughtlava.com.


John-Scott Dixon, President – ThoughtLava

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