Why France Football Team Lost In The World Cup 2010 – Lessons Learnt From Sport Psychology Points

Why France Football Team Lost In The World Cup 2010 – Lessons Learnt From Sport Psychology Points


Prior to the South Africa World Cup, no one would ever envision that the sprinter up of World Cup2006 would tumble down that severely coach sportif ile de france with two thrashings, one draw, obscene quarrels in the changing area and a group strike. So what occurred with the French players mentally?


The beginning of all things accompanied the terrible words by Nicholas Anelka to his mentor Domenech during half time game with Mexico. Set aside his improper saying, the more terrible thing was that someone released that data to the media. In sport brain science terms, a standard in a group was broken. Standards are the guidelines for conduct that is anticipated from colleagues. Standards are not officially received by the group yet result from a slow change in conduct until an accord is reached. Standards are not quite the same as decides in the way that rules are formal for everybody and there are regularly a few disciplines for defying the guideline. Since standards are subtle, they are in some cases underestimated and possibly become significant when disregarded. On account of France group, for certain reasons, the standard of keeping group issues inside the storage space was disregarded. Furthermore, the outcome was extremely damaging.


To top it all off, the group spoke to by Patrick Evra boycotted preparing and a few players indicated the aim of abstaining from playing the last game. For this situation the entire group was joined under a similar reason: to challenge the choice to send Anelka over from the French Football Federation. In sport brain research terms, the group showed extremely high attachment. Group union is characterized as: “the opposition of the gathering to troublesome powers”. At the point when a group is exceptionally firm like French group, it is ready to endure a lot of pessimism emerging from the event of troublesome occasions, for example, losing games, or accepting analysis in the media… Group attachment is likewise separated into 2 kind: task union (with respect to group objectives and execution) and social union (in regards to relationship outside the undertaking). In France group, the players demonstrated extremely high social union that prompted the blacklist and dissent to help their partner.


So what could have been fixed all things considered? Clearly, there are numerous issues that must be explained (from conduct of players to mentor, setting up standards for correspondence with one another and to the media…). Notwithstanding, there is one principle issue I accept ought to have been handled. By collaborating with players in a casual methodology, a game clinician could assist players with reestablishing and re-confirm their group objective. Clearly, they came to World Cup to speak to their nation and to make French individuals pleased. As a national group, they conveyed the picture of the entire country and ought to act as needs be, particularly before outside media. By responding forcefully to mentors, they were fruitful in indicating their group union, yet neglected to show their duties regarding their country and their fans. By re-adjusting the group worth and group objective to the players, a game therapist could assist players with reclassifying their need and their motivation. This might have prompted various practices and execution by French players.

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